General Questions

How old are the motorhomes?

The maximum age of the motorhomes is 2.5 years.

How do I book an RV?

Normally you book a motorhome directly on our homepage. In the event that our offer does not quite fit in with your travel planning, you also have the option of only making a non-binding rental request at the end of the reservation process. In this case, you will receive an offer within 24 hours, which you can then book in the customer area.

What Motorhomes does Southcamper rent?

We rent different brands of the italian manufacturer Rimor.

To which countries can I take the vehicles?

See the General Conditions.

Can the motorhome be returned at a different location?

Transfers to and from the transfer stations - these are alternative places of transfer or return near the rental station in Malaga - can be booked through our website. Please note that the opening hours at the transfer stations differ from the opening hours of the rental station.

How are the campers equipped?

The motorhomes have an extensive basic inventory. Included in the daily rental price are the toilet chemicals for the entire rental period, child seats, kitchen kit, awning and all utensils of the water and electricity supply. On board are two gas bottles, at least one bottle is completely full.

Minimum rental time

The minimum rental periods are given in the price list.


Pets are not allowed. Exceptions require a separate agreement with the rental company. Increased costs for the final cleaning (especially odor removal) can be charged on return of the vehicle.

Driving license and age of the driver

The minimum age for driving our RVs is 25 years. Each driver registered must have been in possession of a guiding certificate class III or class B for at least two years.

What kind of luggage is suitable for motorhomes?

Suitcases should be avoided, bags and small backpacks are more suitable. If you arrive by plane and can take very little baggage allowance, you might want to check our reasonably priced extras.

Performance and Financial

How do you calculate the rent?

The rental costs consist of a daily price and the service fee. Different seasonal prices are billed on a daily basis. If booked, additional costs may be incurred through extras and surcharges for transfers or returns at the transfer stations.


20% of daily prices and service fee, but at least 200 €, are to be paid immediately as down-payment.

The full rental price is payable up to 30 days before the rental date. If the booking becomes effective less than 30 days before the rental date, the full rental price is due immediately.


The rental price includes insurance with a deductible of 750 € for liability and comprehensive damage per claim. The deductible can not be excluded, but reduced by an additional fee to 250 €.


When taking over the motorhome a deposit of 750 € by credit card or debit card is payable. The renter must be the owner of the credit card. We accept MASTERCARD, VISA, DINERS CLUB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, UNION PAY, JCB and DISCOVER. Without a deposit, the Mobil can not be taken over.


In the event of cancellation caused by the tenant the following cancellation fees apply:

  • Up to 50 days before arrival 20% of rental minimum of 200 € of rental
  • between 49 and 15 days before arrival 50% of the rental
  • less than 15 days before arrival 80% of rental
  • the day of renting or no show 95% of rental
  • (See also General Conditions)

Additional driver

Additional drivers can be included in the rental contract for a fee per driver. The renter assumes liability for all drivers registered in the rental agreement. All drivers registered in the rental contract must identify themselves personally at the rental station.


How do I get from the airport to the motorhome?

Our rental station in Malaga is 10-15 min. from Pablo Picasso Airport (AGP). On our website you will find detailed directions. In most cases, a taxi makes the most sense.

Handover and drop off times

Opening hours for transfers and returns at the rental station in Málaga and at the transfer stations can be found in the price list. Until 14 days before the start of the rental period, the customer must provide his exact arrival and return times, which must be within the opening hours. Times for returns and returns that deviate from the general opening hours are possible, but must be agreed with us before the rental begins.

What should be considered when taking over the mobile home?

The formalities at the takeover take about one hour. In the briefing you will learn all the basic functions of the motorhome. Ask questions if you do not understand something. A good understanding of the motorhome will make your vacation even more comfortable. Damage to the vehicle is noted in the handover report and the inventory is checked for completeness. Do not plan longer distances for the first day of travel.

Documents at vehicle handover

The renter and all registered drivers must be personally present to be included in the rental agreement when taking over the vehicle. The identity card or passport of the renter as well as the driver's licenses and IDs of all drivers included in the rental contract are to be presented. The rental station will make copies of these documents.

Gas, water, electricity and chemical toilet

The motorhomes all have a gas supply. The stove and the heater run exclusively with gas (except the mobile with auxiliary heating, see technical data of the models). The refrigerators of all mobiles are trivalent, i. They can be operated with gas, electricity of the board battery and external power supply. Normally, the refrigerators are in gas mode. In motorhome are two gas bottles, at least one is quite full.

The vehicles have sockets for Schuko plugs in the living area. These only work with external power supply with 220V, e.g. on a campsite. Mobile phones and navigation devices can be charged while driving and standing with an adapter via the cigarette lighter (12V). For vehicles with an electric lift bed it is recommended to connect the board battery to an external power supply every 3-4 days. Extension cable and CEE adapter are available in the mobile.

For the water supply, a hose with adapter set is included in the basic inventory. You can easily refuel at many public water points. The fresh water tank and the waste water tank each have a capacity of at least 90 liters (see technical details). The mobile homes will be handed over with full water tank.

The rental price includes the toilet chemistry. These sachets must be placed in the cassette after each draining of the cassette with 1-2 liters of water.

Accident, breakdown

Inform the rental station and the police in the case of an accident, fire, theft or damage caused by wildlife. Adverse claims shall not be recognized. The tenant has to demand a police report in the case of an accident and hand it over to the rental company no later than upon return of the vehicle.

What is included in the rent?

Our motorhomes are all equipped with heating, air conditioning, stove, refrigerator Sink with fresh and waste water tank, kitchen equipment and all utensils equipped for water and power supply. The models of the brands Rimor and Weinsberg also have a wet room with shower and toilet. the Rental price furhter includes:

  • Unlimited kilometers.
  • One registered driver in the rental contract.
  • Fully comprehensive insurance with excess of 750 € per claim.
  • Child seats, kitchen kit, awning and bycicle carrier.
  • Two gas bottles, one of which is full.
  • Cleaning.
  • Guaranteed mobility and road assistance.


The motorhomes are rented clean inside and out. Upon return, they have to be broom clean. What is meant by "broom clean"? The vehicle must be completely clean and without residues left by the renter. There must be no garbage left in the vehicle. The refrigerator, sink and stove must be wiped out. The waste water tank and the toilet cassette are to be empty before returning. Please note that cleaning costs, which are not included in the rental price, must be paid locally by the tenant in the amount of 100 euros.

The motorhomes are rented in a clean condition (outside and inside). At vehicle drop off, the RV must be handed over in a clean condition (inside). The waste water tank and toilet cassette must be emptied prior to return. We charge 70€ if the toilet cassette is full at vehicle drop off. Please note that cleaning expenses which are not included in the rental price are charged at 35€ per hour and must be paid on site.