Waterfront promenade
Parking del Puerto

Almería is located about 200 km east of Málaga. It is not overcrowded, as the tourists go to nearby Roquetas de Mar. In the old town, the 16th-century cathedral is worth a visit. It was built as a fortress church against pirate raids. Above the city lies the Alcazaba, the originally Moorish fortress, from which one has a good view over the city. Not far from the cathedral is the Guitar Museum, a small, lovingly decorated museum dedicated to guitar making and especially to the luthier Antonio de Torres who originates from the city. Also interesting is the Municipal Archaeological Museum with an exhibition about Stone Age sites near the city.

Cabo de Gata

East of Almería extends the Cabo de Gata Natural Park. At the southern end of the village of Cabo de Gata is a car park with beach access which is very popular with motorhome drivers. The road to the Cape runs along a kilometer-long beach. Here, however, extreme caution is needed, because on the side-strips there is a high risk of getting stuck in the sand with the vehicle. There are also warning signs pointing that out. A serpentine road leads up to the lighthouse on the Cape. If you want to look around there, it is advisable to leave the camper in the parking lot below the lighthouse.

Parking Puerto de Almeria - 1 km

La Garrofa - 5 km