beach in Ondarroa.

Ondarroa lies on a narrow stretch of land between the mountains and the sea. You can walk through the harbor, go to the beach or simply stay in a cafe with a view of the sea. The motorhome can be parked at the entrance. In Zumaia you should visit the Ermita de San Telmo. From the this lovely pilgrimage chapel one enjoys a beautiful view of the sea. You can also descend to the beach to take a look at the karst formations. Hikes and guided tours in the Geopark Zumaia are also possible.

Area de Lekeitio - 6 km

Saturraran - 3 km

Camping Galdona - 4 km

Area de Camping Leagi - 5 km

Santa Elena - 5 km

Camping Aitzeta - 6 km