Teba Castle by motorhome

The Castle of Teba, also called the Castle of the Estrella, is the largest castle in the whole province of Malaga with a total surface of 25.000 square metres. It can be visited perfectly by motorhome, and the visit is also recommended with children.

Situated at an altitude of 600 metres the castle dominated the entrance to the Antequera plain and the entrance to the Ronda mountain range. The views from the castle are breathtaking and one can imagine the importance of this fortress for the whole area. It was built in the 12th and 12th century by the Almohads, although the remains today date back to Christian times.

Its great historical moment was the battle of Teba in 1330 when the army of Alfonso XI with the help of the knights of Sir James Douglas conquered the border castles of the Nasrid kingdom of Granada (Cañete, Teba, Ardales and Turón).

Later the castle in 1485 played again an important role in the conquest of Ronda. The castle is a National Monument and since 2020 is part of the Network of Great Castles and Tourist Palaces of Spain. It is possible to visit the castle.

Where to park for the visit?

In the Calle de la Estrella, right next to the castle, entering from the south and leaving Teba to the west on the MA-465. It is also possible in the opposite direction. It is recommended not to enter the village with the motorhome.

Where to stay overnight with the motorhome?

Close to Teba you can sleep in the motorhome parking area of Campillos or in the motorhome parking area of Álora.

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Where can you stay overnight with a motorhome?

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